Methodologies in American Studies Workshop was initiated by Dominika Ferens, Ewa Łuczak, and Zuzanna Ładyga in 2012, with the goal of fostering collaboration between PAAS and its sister American Studies associations in Eastern Europe. Since then, PAAS has organized two editions of the Workshop in 2012 (American Studies Center, Warsaw) and 2014 (English Studies Department, University of Wrocław), thanks to the generous financial support of the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw.

This year’s edition of the Workshop is focuses on biohumanities – a cutting-edge field of inquiry that attempts to reconcile the natural and medical sciences with the humanities. The integration of theories and concepts from ecology, biology, anthropology, medical sciences, and psychology, as well as political science and philosophy, to name only a few, offers innovative approaches to the study of non/human agency, citizenship, cultural and environmental change, and economic processes. Importantly, life sciences add to our understanding of the human being and open up a critical space for rethinking and reevaluating the established approaches to the study of American culture and its global impact.

MAS Workshop 2018 – Biomedical Humanities

PAAS Organizers
Zuzanna Ładyga (University of Warsaw)
Aneta Dybska (University of Warsaw)

Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw
Ul. Hoża 69, Warszawa